AMD Stream Computing

​SDK drives stream technology adoption with open system approach

Use the links below to download AMD Stream computing tools.

Please begin the download process by downloading the latest version of ATI's Catalyst drivers. These drivers are required for Brook+ and CAL to operate correctly. A link to the ATI Catalyst website is below. Please note the version required by your operating system.

Brook+ is AMD's modified Brook open source compiler. CAL is AMD's forward-compatible, cross-platform interface to the GPU. Both components are required to implement applications in the Stream environment. The download comes complete with a unified installer. Installation includes programming guides and specifications for Brook+ and CAL.

We are continuing to make changes and enhancements and welcome your feedback. Please let us know if you have any general questions or technical questions. You can also post questions and leave feedback on our developer forum.

Technical documentation describing the components of this SDK is below.

File Name OS Bitness Description
SDK and DriverLinux, Red Hat 5.1
and SLES 10 SP1
64-bitAMD Stream SDK built for 64-bit Linux
SDK and DriverLinux, Red Hat 5.1
and SLES 10 SP1
32-bitAMD Stream SDK built for 32-bit Linux
SDK and DriverWindows XP64-bitAMD Stream SDK built for 64-bit Windows XP
SDK and DriverWindows XP32-bitAMD Stream SDK built for 32-bit Windows XP
ACML-GPUWindows XP64-bitACML is AMD's Core Math Library. We are modifying ACML for Stream. ACML-GPU (alpha release) for the AMD Stream environment is only available by request.
AMD ShaderAnalyzerWindows XP32/64-bitLow level GPU code tuning application