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Radeon™ Pro Software Crimson ReLive Edition621 MB17.1011/10/2017Download

The latest Radeon Pro Software enables both Professional and Gaming Mode with the “Driver Options” feature.

With the Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition, developers can be pioneers in game development, designers can be pioneers in visualization using Radeon™ ProRender, and artists can be pioneers in VR content creation.


  • Use “Custom Install” to enable this feature.
  • Manually remove all existing graphics drivers prior to installation OR use “Install” rather than “Clean Install” under “Custom Install.”
  • ​This feature is only available on Microsoft Windows® 10.

Driver Options User Guide

Radeon Pro ReLive User Guide




Release Notes



Radeon Pro Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.10

Releas​e Notes

Fixed Issues
  • Infrequent hangs have been observed during wake from sleep and resume states.
  • With 10-bit displays, users may encounter anomalies in display results.
  • Users may encounter Blu-ray playback issues on PowerDVD after switching to Game Mode.
  • During sleep and resume, a user may experience a TDR when instant replay is enabled.
Known Issues
  • Unexpected behavior running 3DMark Fire Strike with multiple 4k displays.
  • Certain application profiles are not created automatically.
  • Observations that FloExpress animation not running in SOLIDWORKS® 2016 on some workstation platforms.
  • UI Elements may appear distorted in 3dsMax 2015.
  • The user may experience unexpected behavior creating 4x1 or 6x1 AMD Eyefinity display configurations with 5K displays.
  • Unexpected behavior when creating 10-bit AMD Eyefinity​ display configurations with 5 or 6 displays.
  • User may encounter missing/incorrect gaming driver version number when installing and switching between gaming and professional drivers.
  • When switching between Professional Mode and Gaming Mode, Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDRs) have been observed with multiple display configurations.
  • When numerous displays are used, there is an unlikely event where the driver does not complete installation.​