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 AMD FirePro™ Unified Driver


Catalyst Pro





NameFile SizeRevision NumberRelease DateDownload Link
AMD FirePro Software Suite334 MB15.301.2601.100207/26/2016Download

This driver is not intended for Virtual Reality applications at this time. Please use the driver on the Beta Tab. Virtual Reality support is coming soon to the WHQL driver.​

​Package Includes:
               Display Driver
               OpenCL Runtime
               DisplayPort and HDMI audio driver
              AMD Catalyst Pro Control Center​​​​






NameFile SizeRevision NumberRelease DateDownload Link
AMD FirePro Beta (Pre-WHQL) Software Suite Multilanguage347 MB16.40.230109/23/2016Download

AMD FirePro™​ Driver Release 16.40 Highlights

  • Support for AMD's pioneering virtual reality LiquidVR™ technology, to enable delivery of stunning content, advanced comfort, and easy compatibility to this next-generation of VR experiences.
  • Next-Generation API support including DirectX® 12 and Vulkan™.
  • Support for Windows® 10 Anniversary Update (‘Redstone 1’), delivering Windows 10 Anniversary update support for our workstation products at the same time as for our consumer graphics products.​​
  • ​Support for Device Guard, part of Microsoft Windows 10 security solutions for enterprises, that enables users to lock down applications that are trusted on the device, helping increase protection for users against viruses, malicious attacks, and platform tampering.​​

Release Notes




Download Full Release Notes

AMD FireProTM Driver Release 15.301.2601.1002 Highlights

  • Up to a 31% performance improvement in CATiA1 and Siemens NX2 compared to AMD FirePro driver release 14.502.1019.
  • Up to a 29% performance improvement in Creo3 compared to AMD FirePro driver release 14.502.1019.
  • This driver has undergone months of workstation-focused testing with leading OEM platforms, and specific testing to enable certification with certain leading applications, including CATIA, PTC Creo, Siemens NX, and SOLIDWORKS.

Fixed Issues:

  • The software update functionality within FirePro Settings may pick up a non-workstation driver. [98193]
  • Rare timeout (TDR) has been observed while resizing the video window within workspaces of video editing software. [88211]
  • Creo 3.0 Material Analysis functionality may fail. [90067]
  • Log file produces zeros for certain tests in SPEC benchmarks. [89012]XCOM2™ may experience minor stutter while the camera is panning around a scene.
  • AMD FireProTM branding changes for the driver installer. [86791]Radeon™ Settings check for software update may not display the latest available driver.
  • On Windows 8.1 Solidworks Performance Test 2016 may crash after a while, referencing “atio6axx.dll”. [84642]
  • AutoDesk Maya 2015/2016 – Marquee may not be useable in Object Mode. [86815]
  • SolidWorks 2015 – Steamlines in Flow Simulation plugins have been observed to be missing in some instances. [82732]

Known Issues:​

  • Specific workstation build information may not be visible in FirePro Settings within the System > Software tab. [97460]
  • When Driver Verifier is running, Blu-ray discs may not play in PowerDVD in certain system configurations. [97823]


This driver is not intended for use on AMD FireProTM products running in Apple Boot Camp platforms. Users of these platforms should contact their system manufacturer for driver support.

When installing the AMD FireProTM Unified Driver for the Windows® operating system, the user must be logged on as Administrator, or have Administrator rights to complete the installation of AMD FireProTM Unified Driver 15.301.2601.1002.

AMD FireProTM Unified Driver 15.301.2601.1002 requires Windows® 7 Service Pack 1 (or subsequent Service Packs) must be installed.​​​