AMD MxGPU VIB v1.05 Release Notes

Article Number: RN-AMD-MxGPU-VIB- v1.05

Product Compatibility
AMD MxGPU VIB v1.05 host driver is compatible with the following professional graphics products.

AMD FireProTM S-series Product Family Compatibility
AMD FireProTM S7150 x2
AMD FireProTM S7150
AMD FireProTM S7100X


Changes from VIB 1.02:

    • Expose 16 VFs (Virtual Functions) by default on the bus

Fixed Issues:

    • Improve stability when changing frame buffer allocation size

AMD MxGPU VIB v1.05 Supported Environments

AMD MxGPU VIB v1.05 is compatible with the following software.

    • Supports vSphere 6.5
    • Supports Radeon Pro Settings for vSphere Client

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