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 Apple Graphics Driver and Warranty FAQ

Article Number: GPU-194




​Where can I get AppleBoot CampWindows® drivers for my AMD Radeon™ graphics card?

The AppleBoot Camp Windowsdrivers are available on the Mac OS X Leopard installation disc or are available to download from http://www.apple.com/support/bootcamp/.​

Apple provides the driver and hardware support.

​Where do I get an AMD graphics card for my Mac Pro system?

AMD no longer makes retail packaged upgrade graphics cards for the Mac Pro.  Please contact Apple support to purchase an upgrade graphics card for your Mac Pro system.​​

Does the AMD warranty cover my AMD graphics card in my Apple product?

No, the AMD warranty only applies to AMD retail boxed processors and AMD FirePro™ graphics cards purchased separately from the system. The warranty for processors and graphics cards that came as part of a complete system are the responsibility of the system supplier or manufacturer.