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 How-To Obtain the Latest Official Drivers for an AMD Graphics Product Using the AMD Driver Autodetect Utility

Article Number: GPU-131


This article provides instructions on how to obtain the latest official drivers for an AMD graphics product using the AMD Driver Autodetect Utility.

NOTE: This tool is designed to provide the latest official AMD Catalyst™ graphics driver for systems running Microsoft Windows. If your system is not running Microsoft Windows or you are looking for an earlier driver or the latest beta driver, you can manually search for a driver from the AMD Graphics Drivers and Software page.



  1. Visit the AMD Driver Autodetect Utility page

  2. Click on the Download ​link and a web browser prompt should appear.  Select Run from the prompt.

  3. Once the download has completed, the AMD Driver Autodetect Utility will launch automatically.
  4. The AMD Driver Autodetect Utility will analyze the system and show the detected graphics hardware, operating system, and the best driver for the graphics product.

    NOTE:  If the AMD Driver Autodetect Utility is unable to identify the graphics card or operating system, then:

    • Manually downloading the drivers from the AMD Graphics Drivers and Software page may be required.  For instructions on how to find the latest drivers for the graphics card from the AMD Graphics Drivers and Software page, refer to KB article: GPU-56
    • A driver may not be available through AMD. For information on graphics products that may not be supported by AMD Catalyst™ drivers, refer to KB article: GPU-125

  5. Click on Download Now to begin downloading the driver.

  6. When the driver download process has completed, an installation window will open.  AMD recommends using the default location to eliminate​ potential issues that may occur during installation.

  7. Before continuing with the installation process, refer to the following article for detailed installation instructions. The article describes other factors that need to be considered before installing the graphics drivers.