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How to Determine the Authenticity of an AMD Boxed Processor?

​The packaging of every genuine AMD boxed processor has a security label


To confirm authenticity, make sure your AMD boxed processor has one security label located on the box’s top flap.

The security seal on the PIB include the following features:


Previous Versions:

Does your PIB still have a hologram in the lower front corner? Below are older revisions of the AMD hologram.

Last Generation Hologram

Validation Tool:

For PIB Channel partners, a validation tool has been made available at http://amdsnv.amd.com/querycn.php (Chinese). This tool can be used to validate your processors serial number with AMD

Counterfeit Holograms:

Counterfeit holograms will not have the same depth, nor will they display the unique dots shown when viewing the hologram from different angles. Genuine AMD holograms are not foil style holograms, so any foil holograms are suspect.

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