How to Determine the Authenticity of an AMD Boxed Processor?

​​​​​​​Every genuine AMD retail package is sealed with a tamper evident security label


To confirm authenticity, make sure your AMD retail package has a security label securely affixed to the box’s top flap that include the following features:

  • Multi-layer color shifting graphic image of the AMD logo.
  • A clear holographic stripe running vertically down the right side of the label that reads “VALID”.
  • A QR code that will allow the customer to validate their processor with AMD.
  • A unique serial numberserial number that enables AMD to verify product for warranty service.

Color Shifting Security Feature


  1. Left Tilt
    Image changes to silver pattern with black background.

  2. Center
    Image changes to silver pattern with red core and black background

  3. Right Tilt
    Image changes to red core with black background.

  4. Clear Holographic Strip
    VALID with wavy lines. The stripe is oriented vertically down the right side of the label.

  5. Additional Authentication Info
    Scan the QR Code

Counterfeit labels will may not have the same print quality, font, color shifting ink, nor will they likely have the holographic stripe. The labels security area will typically appear flat and have no motion.

QR Code – How do I validate using the QR Code?


  1. Launch Scanner App
  2. Scan Code
  3. QR Code Web Response

Popular QR Barcode Readers*

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Additional Resources

Previous Generation Labels

Below is an example of the previous labels, color shifting technology. Prior label designs did not include the holographic stripe.

Last Generation of color shifting feature