ATI Multimedia Center™ 9.08

ATI Multimedia Center™ found herein is provided as an UPDATE to previous versions included on original installation CDs for supported products. The software should not be downloaded or used for products that did not ship with ATI Multimedia Center.

The following components should be installed in the order they appear. Reboot the system as prompted during the setup.


Download Link File Size Version Date Posted Package Includes
1 of 2
42.9MBN/AMay 17, 2005Windows Media Encoder 9
TitanTV components
Multimedia Center
2 of 2
31.4MB9.08May 17, 2005English Language version of Multimedia Center


The packages below require the English Language Multimedia Center package listed above.


Download Link ​File Size ​Version ​Date Posted ​Package Includes
Asian Lang. Pack
1 of 1
15.2MB9.08May 17, 2005Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and Japanese
European Lang. Pack 1
1 of 1
20.7MB9.08May 17, 2005French (Standard), French (Canadian), Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (Standard), Spanish and German
European Lang. Pack 2
1 of 1
20.3MB9.08May 17, 2005Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish


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