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Radeon Pro Software Crimson ReLive Edition621 MB17.1011/10/2017Download

The latest Radeon Pro Software enables both Professional and Gaming Mode with the “Driver Options” feature.

With the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition, developers can be pioneers in game development, designers can be pioneers in visualization using Radeon ProRender, and artists can be pioneers in VR content creation.


  • Use “Custom Install” to enable this feature.
  • Manually remove all existing graphics drivers prior to installation OR use “Install” rather than “Clean Install” under “Custom Install.”

Driver Options User Guide

Radeon Pro ReLive User Guide




Release Notes



Radeon Pro Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.10

Release Notes

Fixed Issues
  • Infrequent hangs have been observed during wake from sleep and resume states.
  • With 10 bit displays, users may encounter anomalies in display results.
  • Users may encounter Bluray playback issues on PowerDVD after switching to Game Mode.
  • During sleep and resume, a user may experience a TDR when instant replay is enabled.
Known Issues
  • Unexpected behavior running 3DMark Firestrike with multiple 4k displays.
  • Certain application profiles are not created automatically.
  • Observations that FloExpress animation not running in SOLIDWORKS 2016 on some workstation platforms.
  • UI Elements may appear distorted in 3dsMax 2015.
  • The user may experience unexpected behavior creating 4x1 or 6x1 Eyefinity display configurations with 5K displays.
  • Unexpected behavior when creating 10-bit Eyefinity display configurations with 5 or 6 displays.
  • User may encounter missing/incorrect gaming driver version number when installing and switching between gaming and professional drivers.
  • When switching between Professional Mode and Gaming Mode, Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDRs) have been observed with multiple display configurations.
  • When numerous displays are used, there is an unlikely event where the driver does not complete installation.