Wie kann ich Garantieleistungen für einen AMD-Prozessor in Anspruch nehmen?

Article Number: 0015

To obtain warranty service for:

AMD Retail Box Processor:

  1. Your vendor will generally provide warranty service for the first 30 to 90 days. Contact your distributor during the systems warranty period.
  2. If your distributor's warranty has expired, you can submit an Online Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) request to AMD's Customer Care center at http://onlineservices.amd.com

Please be prepared to provide: (1) your name, address, and telephone numbers; (2) proof of purchase; (3) a description of the type of boxed processor; (4) a description of the computer components including the brand and model; and (5) an explanation of the problem. Additional information may be needed depending on the nature of the problem.

OEM / Trade Product

  1. Please contact your vendor, or refer to the warranty documentation that accompanied your purchase, for all non-boxed processor warranty issues.
    • Warranty service is provided exclusively by your vendor for the period agreed to at the time of purchase. AMD does not provide supplemental coverage to the warranty offered by your vendor.

Please refer to the AMD Warranty Information page for complete details on AMD’s warranty policy.