AMD Display Driver



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NameFile SizeRevision NumberRelease DateDownload Link
AMD ‘AMDGPU’ Linux® 64-bit Display Driver 4.4.11 Kernel725 MB2017.30.59409/27/2017Download
AMD ‘AMDGPU’ Linux® 64-bit Display Driver 4.9 Kernel706 MB2017.30.59509/27/2017Download

Linux "amdgpu" open source driver consists of the following kernel and user space components that support Brown Falcon SOC, Merlin Falcon SOC, and Prairie Falcon SOC along with E9260 and E9550 dGPUs. The components can be directly downloaded from below links:

Component Version Commit ID
544ec5b08d007f184ab97abdbed87e61 3c8c0b83
69973b830859bc6529a7a0468ba0d80 ee5117826
Component Version Source Link

Amdgpu firmware
Component Version
Carrizo UVD1.87
Carrizo VCE50.17
Stoney UVD1.38.15
Stoney VCE52.0

Supported Applications
LunarG Vulkan SDK1.0.46.0NA
Vulkan CTS1.0.1.2vulkan-cts-
LunarG Vulkan SDK
Vulkan CTS

Note: Open source development is an ongoing process and code gets updated in a continual manner.

Supported OS:​
  • Ubuntu 16.04.1(64-bit)
Devices Supported:
  • R-Series SOC FP4)
  • G-Series SOC(FP4)
  • E9260
  • E9550
Fixes & enhancements:
  1. Stuttering is observed with H265 video playback using gstreamer
  2. Stuttering and frame drop is observed with HEVC stream playback
  3. Overnight test- X11pref - display corruption
  4. Screen corruption at startx if any applications are there in startup ubuntu script
  5. Frame drop is more with the transcoded file playback when transcode is done without using frame rate-den/num
  6. Randomly multi-transcode fails
  7. Video-rate and frame rate multi transcode fails on DELL 1080p
  8. Encode NV12 raw file into h264 format fails
  9. Out of 5 displays connected, all 5 are detected but only 4 display ports are working
  10. With 5 display connected, mirror displays through OS control fails
  11. Vaapi encode - Operation is incomplete
  12. Hang observed randomly when resumed form suspend during the playback
  13. Color changes in Vaapi_transcoded_video(raw(1080_yuv) to H264(1080p_avi)) playback compared to original video
  14. Vaapi_transcoded_video(raw(1080_yuv) to H264(4K_avi)) playback --> Corruption is observed
  15. System fails to resume from suspend
  16. Transcoded videoplayback using MPV_VAAPI--> showing error in terminal "Invalid Video timestamp" and "[ffmpeg/demuxer] mov,mp4, m4a, 3gp, 3g2, mj2: CTTS invalid"
  17. Hard hang observed during mpv run for Transcoded output
  18. Issues with build script and ROCm test scenarios for getting good customer feel
  19. Low performance of Unigine Heaven on E9260
  20. EDID data obtained using gt-edid may be invalid
  21. VulkanSDK occlusion_query sample fails on specific platform
  22. Memory leakage in Vulkan Hologram sample
  23. System is not responsive for wakeup call after suspend
  24. H265-1080p video playback - Stuttering observed
  25. Hard hang during Single transcode on I+A with Coruja
  26. MPV playback performance issues on Merlin Falcon
  27. Unigine Pro4.0 performance variation
  28. Vulkan - Cinder samples failed(Segmentation fault)
  29. Few cinder samples are failing
  30. Pachinko_SDK tiledplayback in full-screen mode and hotplug of second Display --> corruption is observed
  31. Hard hang during multi-transcode frame rate
  32. Stutter during execution of Unigen Heaven
  33. on client specific board, Display goes blank when resolution changed or set to sleep
  34. Video Playback using MPV-VAAPI flickering is observed on same frame after resuming from PM-suspend
  35. Vaapi encode soft hang for 4K Video with FPS up-scaling test case
  36. Unable to set 4k(3840x2160) resolution across all 5 displays in 1x5 SLS
  37. Vaapi encode test case results in soft hang
  38. Continuous reboot is observed during driver load
  39. Driver closes file descriptors opened by other API calls
  40. Not getting Display from third monitor ,Second Display corrupted
  41. Glmark2 in full-screen mode --> minor flickering is observed
  42. vaAssociateSubpicture memory leak with latest AMDGPU Driver
  43. Patches for userspace components should be generated on expected lines
  44. glmark2 fullscreen - artifacts issue
  45. Unable to set 4k (3840x2160) resolution across all 5 displays in 1x5 SLS.
  46. Out of 6 ports 2 are not working with DP-DP on 4K Display using MXM Card.
  47. OGL 4.5 test cases xfb_block_stride and direct_state_access fails.
  48. vaMaxNumEntrypoints returns 1 on amdgpu.
  49. Unigine Pro4.0 | Kernel 4.4 & 4.9 performance variation.
  50. Core dump observed while executing OGL 4.5 CTS on Dibbler Beta build.
  51. OpenGL CTS not supported for ES 3.1, 3.2 on amdgpu build.
  52. Application window struck /Soft hang in Functional run of tiledPlayback sample.
  53. amdgpu.ids file is missing in the installation package.
  54. Pixilation with green color is observed while running Transcoded output
  55. initram error is observed after driver installation
  56. 5 displays connected results in clone mode
  57. xrandr position change doesn't reflect the specified value
  58. yuv file generated using gbody_64x4096MultiSlice h264 file is corrupted
  59. Multi-transcode frame rate results in hard hang on all 2C/4C platform
  60. Vaapi post processing results in hard hang
  61. Hard hang with corruption is observed while executing Unigine Heaven Benchmark
  62. 10 bit to 8 bit VAAPI Decode fails
  63. OGL CTS 4.5 execution results in hard hang
  64. Unable to boot to 4.4 kernel after amdgpu installation with 1080p monitors
  65. 4.4 kernel- glmark2 fails - image corruption
  66. 4.4 kernel- Unigine benchmark fails - Distortion
  67. Unigine benchmark - fails - White blank screen
  68. Reboot fails randomly
  69. Split screen rendering results in soft hang
  70. Unigine heaven benchmark fails to run
  71. CodeXL 2.4 : Power profiling is not supported
  72. 4K H264 and H265 playback in gst-omx get stuck regularly
  73. mp3 format audio- no audio with HP monitor
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