737-31513: Connecting a Six (2x3)-pin PCIe® Power Cable to an Eight (2x4)-pin Connection on the ATI FireGL™ V8650 and V8600

Article Number: 31513

The information in this article applies to the following product(s):

  • ATI FireGL™ V8650
  • ATI FireGL V8600

Issue Description:

The ATI FireGL V8650 and V8600 both have a six (2x3)-pin and an eight (2x4)-pin power connection, but an eight (2x4)-pin power connection from the power supply is not available.

These graphics cards were originally designed to support a six pin and an eight pin PCIe® power connection. However, these cards are fully functional with 2x dedicated six pin power connections plugged in.

Note: A dedicated power connection refers to a separate 12V rail from the power supply. For further information, please check the power supply or system manual.


The PCIe power connectors are keyed to ensure proper cable orientation when being plugged into the graphics card.

For a demonstration of the proper connection, refer to the image below.