No Display Rotation support with Windows® XP SP3 and ATI FireMV™ PCI Products

Article Number: 39312

Issue Description:

After updating the system to Service Pack 3 on a Windows® XP based machine, the display rotation feature will no longer function. The system is configured with an ATI FireMV™ product using display driver version


There will be no further driver development for legacy Workstation products and the rotation feature will not be enabled under Windows XP Service Pack 3.  Although AMD does not recommend removing Windows XP SP3, Microsoft has provided a knowledgebase article on reverting back to Windows XP Service Pack 2, which may enable the rotation feature.  To review this article click here

For display rotation support with Windows XP SP3, AMD suggests the ATI FireMV 2200 PCIe®, ATI FireMV 2400 PCIe®, ATI FirePro™  2260 PCIe®, AMD FirePro 2270 and 2450 PCIe®.

Applicable Products:
This article applies to the following configuration(s):


  • ATI FireMV™ 2400 PCI Series
  • ATI FireMV 2200 PCI Series

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows XP Home Edition