AMD Steady Video Plugins

Article Number: GPU-190

​AMD Steady Video and Browser Applications Plug-ins

AMD Steady Video is a technology designed to eliminate or reduce shakes and jitters during the playback of home video. Users may turn on this technology via the AMD Catalyst™ Control Center or the AMD VISION Engine Control Center application. AMD Steady Video is designed to work with content that can run on Adobe® Flash Player 10.2 (and later versions) or on any player which has been programmed to use AMD’s decode acceleration (DXVA) engine. AMD Steady Video is not designed to (a) isolate overlays, logos or captions, or (b) improve the playback of letter boxed, premium/commercial, or interlaced content. AMD Steady Video is only recommended for use with videos that contain unwanted shakes and jitters.

Supported products:

  • AMD Accelerated Processors for Desktop PCs
  • AMD APUs for Notebooks, Netbooks and Tablets
  • AMD Radeon™ HD Graphics for Desktop PCs

1. To verify that the AMD products support AMD Steady Video Plug-in, check for the existence of AMD Steady Video option on AMD Catalyst Control Center or AMD Vision Engine Control Center. .

Note: Products that do not support AMD Steady Video will not have the AMD Stready Video option.

To access the AMD Catalyst Control Center or the AMD Vision Engine Control Center:

  • Right-click anywhere on the desktop | Select AMD Catalyst Control Center
  • In the AMD Catalyst Control Center Advance View | Select Video | Select AMD Steady Video | Check the “AMD Steady Video” option | Click on Apply



2. Download and install the following plugins to turn AMD Steady Video on/off within the web browser: