No audio from HDTV when playing audio from a computer system

Article Number: GPU-70


There is no sound output from an HDTV which is connected to an AMD graphics card by a HDMI™ connection




Possible solutions to this issue are listed below -

The AMD High Definition Audio Device is not set as the default audio device

  1. For Windows Vista® and Windows® 7: 
    1. Open the Control Panel 
    2. Click on Sound 
    3. Under  the Playback tab, left-click on the “Speakers” icon
    4. Select “Set Default”  for the AMD HDMI Output


  2. For Windows XP: 
    1. Open the Control Panel 
    2. Click on Sounds and Audio Devices
    3. Click on the “Audio” tab, under the Default Device
    4. Select the AMD Audio device instead of the on-board audio device as the default device



  • Some HDTV devices require that the computer be connected specifically to a PC HDMI input on the TV instead of a standard HDMI input 

    • If available, connect the HDMI cable to the PC HDMI input on the HDTV 
    • Check the HDTV’s manual for any settings that may need to be configured for the PC HDMI input to work properly 
    • If no specific PC HDMI port is available on the HDTV: 
      • Try connecting the computer to another HDMI input on the HDTV to determine if the input on the TV isn’t working ​
  • Ensure you are running the latest graphics card drivers available from the AMD website

    • See  Article 20870 for instructions on downloading and installing the latest drivers for your graphics card
    • Make sure that the “AMD High Definition Audio Device” is installed during the default driver installation
  • HDMI audio output is not working due to a defective graphics card  

    • Try to connect another HDMI capable device to the HDTV such as a DVD player or games console using the same cable and input to determine if the audio works 
    • If the audio works with an alternate HDMI device, the graphics card in the computer may be the source of the problem. Contact the place of purchase to obtain warranty on the graphics card
    • If the audio does not work with an alternate HDMI device, try using a working cable to see if that fixes the problem