Unable to adjust a digital display to match the resolution of the desktop

Article Number: GPU-72

​Issue Description:

There are black borders around the Windows® desktop because the desktop doesn’t completely fill the entire screen area.



  1. If you have AMD Radeon Software installed, use the Scaling Mode in the AMD Radeon Settings to adjust the screen to fit the digital display. 
  2. If you have AMD Catalyst Software Suite installed, user the Scaling Options in the AMD Catalyst Control Center to adjust the screen to fit the digital display

Note! In order to use the scaling option within AMD Radeon Settings or the AMD Catalyst Control Center, the following conditions must be met (otherwise the scaling option may be greyed out).

  1. A digital connection is used:
    • DVI (via DVI-to-HDMI™ adapter)
    • HDMI
    • DisplayPort
  2. A resolution and refresh rate supported by the digital display is used
    Please refer to the display's manual for a list of supported resolutions and refresh rates
  3. The latest AMD graphics driver is installed 


Instructions on how to use the Scaling Mode within AMD Radeon Settings:

  1. Open the AMD Radeon Settings by right-clicking on empty space on the Desktop
  2. From the menu select AMD Radeon Settings
  3. Click Display.
  4. The next screen will list all the Digital Displays that support Scaling Mode
  5. Click the Scaling Mode of the display that needs to be adjusted, choose Full Panel
  6. The image should now fill the entire screen

Instructions on how to use the scaling option within  AMD Catalyst Control Center:

  1. Use either method below to open the  AMD Catalyst Control Center -
    a. Select Start | Programs |  AMD Catalyst Control Center or ​
    b. Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select AMD Catlayst Control Center
  2. Expand the My Digital Flat Panel left hand side menu
  3. Select Scaling Options under the My Digital Flat Panel as shown in the picture below

  4. Then move the Scaling Options slider side to side until the image fills the entire screen as seen in the picture below, then press the Apply button to keep the changes.