How to find the latest drivers for an AMD graphics card

Article Number: GPU-56

​​​​​This article provides instructions on how to obtain the latest drivers for AMD graphics cards from the AMD Graphics Drivers & Software page.

There are several reasons to install the latest drivers for your graphics card:

  • Increased functionality and performance to resolve display issues, performance problems, and error messages
  • Compatibility with newly released computer hardware and applications
  • Improved usability by enabling new features and updating existing ones


  1. Before getting started, you will need to know the model of your graphics card. Refer to Article GPU-55 for information on how to identify your graphics card​​

  2. Go to the AMD Graphics Drivers & Software page​​​

  3. Select the type of system you have:
    1. APU (Accelerated Processors): These are used in desktop PCs, mobile notebooks, and workstation systems.
    2. Desktop Graphics: These are commonly used home desktop PCs. AMD Radeon™ HD series graphics cards are examples.
    3. Notebook Graphics: These are typically used in notebooks/laptops. The AMD Mobility Radeon HD series graphics cards are examples.
    4. TV Tuner Products: These refer to devices that allow desktop computers and notebooks to receive live broadcast video and HDTV content. The AMD TV Wonder™ 750 Series is an example.
    5. Workstation Graphics: These are commonly found in computers used for business. They are designed for use in the Computer Aided Design (CAD), Digital Content Creation (DCC) and simulation markets. The AMD FirePro™ Series is an example.
    6. Integrated Motherboard Graphics: These are graphics components integrated into the motherboard of a computer system. The AMD Radeon HD4290 Series is an example.
    7. Embedded Graphics: These are graphics products built to deliver the high performance of desktop graphics for embedded applications often found in smaller form or thin clients. The AMD 785E and the AMD 780E are examples.
    8. MAC Graphics: These are graphics products used in MAC computers.  Apple Boot Camp drivers can be found here.​

  4. ​​Select the product family.

    ​When selecting the series, find the best match for your graphics card. For example, if you have an AMD Radeon R9 290X, the appropriate family would be Radeon R9 series.

  5. Select your product.

    Drivers provided by AMD can apply to more than one product and are therefore matched to a series of associated graphics cards.​​ 

  6. If applicable, ensure the proper bus type is chosen (i.e. PCIe or AGP).

  7. Select the operating system installed on your system.

    If the desired graphics product is not listed, the driver may not be available or supported for your operating system or product model selected.​​

  8. Select Display Results.​
    The download options offered will vary depending upon the selection made in the previous step.
    For example, the following is provided for AMD Radeon™ R Series of products:
      • A table that lists details about the download package, what it includes and a link to download the driver
      • A link to previous drivers and software on the right-hand side of the page
      • A link to driver release notes at the top of the page


​​​      9.  Click on the Download option to begin the downloading process.

    10.  Install the latest drivers for the graphics card once download is complete. For detailed instructions on how to install the latest graphics drivers, refer to:

Applicable Products:

This article applies to the following product(s):

  • AMD APU products
  • AMD Desktop Graphics products
  • AMD Notebook Graphics products
  • AMD TV Tuner products
  • AMD Workstation Graphics products
  • AMD Integrated Motherboard Graphics products
  • AMD Embedded Grpahics products​
  • MAC Graphics products