No Display on start up after installing an AMD Radeon™ HD series graphics card

Article Number: GPU-65

Issue description:
The computer system starts up and is running as seen by various status lights and spinning fans, but there are no images displayed on the connected screen. The system has recently had an AMD Radeon™ HD series graphics card installed.

The issue may be caused by various circumstances. The following steps may help to resolve the issue:

  • Check the card is installed correctly
    • Refer to Installing a graphics card article for instructions on how to install a graphics card or watch a video here  for more details on installing a graphics card  
    • Make sure any additional power connectors on the graphics card are plugged into the correct cables from the system power supply
  • Ensure that the graphics card is compatible with the motherboard/system
    • Check that your motherboard/system meets the graphics card system requirements
      • The graphics card system requirements are usually clearly marked on the graphics card packaging
    • Verify that the graphics card power requirements are met by the system’s power supply.  
  • If connecting to a screen through an AV receiver or a switching box, try connecting directly to the screen and bypassing the AV receiver or switching box
    • Try different ports on the AV receiver or switching box
    • Check the user manual for your AV Receiver or switching box for any special instructions about connecting it to a PC
  • Check all video cables are correctly connected
    • Ensure that all video cables are securely connected to the correct corresponding graphics card output
    • Try switching cables to different ports on the graphics card
    • Try different cables if available
  • If possible, test the graphic card in another system to make sure it is working correctly
    • Try a working graphics card in the motherboard/system or use the on-board graphics to make sure the motherboard/system is working correctly