No video on HDTV when connected to a graphics card

Article Number: GPU-71

​This article provides a guide to help get the HDTV video operating effectively by troubleshooting various issues that can prevent the video from working when using a direct connection to the computer’s graphics card through an HDMI cable

Issue Description:
A user is attempting to play video from a computer’s graphics card to an HDTV through a direct connection. However, there is no signal to the HDTV.

Troubleshooting the Issue:
This guide will help you rule out several factors that can cause the issue:

  1. The quality of an HDMI cable can reduce or prevent the video signal from transmitting properly
    1. Connect the HDTV and computer through a direct connection
    2. Use the shortest HDMI cable length possible to allow for the highest signal tranmission quality. The maximum recommended length is 50ft
    3. Use the latest HDMI cable version available to ensure compatibility for the highest output quality supported by the HDTV and graphics card. The latest version of HDMI cable is currently 1.4a
    4. Try another HDMI cable to rule out whether the HDMI cable is at fault
  2. Some HDTV devices require that the computer be connected specifically to a PC HDMI input on the TV in order to allow the highest quality video between the two devices
    1. If available, connect the HDMI cable to the PC HDMI input on the HDTV
    2. Check the HDTV’s manual for any settings that may need to be configured for the PC HDMI input to work properly
    3. If no specific PC HDMI port is available on the HDTV:
      1. Try connecting the computer to another HDMI input on the HDTV to determine if the input on the TV is bad
      2. Try connecting the HDTV to another HDMI input on the computer to determine if the input on the computer is bad
  3. A defective graphics card can prevent the desired HDMI audio device from working correctly
    1. Try to connect another HDMI capable device to the HDTV using the same cable and input to rule out any issues with the HDTV