Rendering GPU Reported on Autodesk Applications

Article Number: GPU-021501

Rendering GPU Reported on Autodesk Applications

  1. Introduction
    This product advisory describes how some Autodesk applications may erroneously display the rendering GPU on mobile platforms configured with an Intel integrated GPU and an AMD discrete GPU.
  2. Detailed Description

    Mobile systems outfitted with an integrated (Intel) GPU and a separate discrete (AMD) GPU can utilize Switchable Graphics technology. This technology allows the system to concurrently meet power and performance requirements. For applications that depend on a highly capable performance optimized GPU, graphics rendering tasks are offloaded to the DGPU (discrete GPU). For everyday tasks that do not require peak performance but must be accomplished with minimal battery power can render on the IGPU (Integrated GPU). Power is conserved as portions of the unused DGPU are powered down.

    PowerXpress (PX) is AMD's solution for Switchable Graphics. Because PX uses Windows LDA (Linked Display Adapter) mode in order to switch between IGPU and DGPU graphics rendering and the OS does not provide standard way for the application to poll which adapter is performing the rendering, an application may incorrect report the rendering GPU. It is important to note that even though the application return an erroneous value that supposedly represents the rendering GPU, the correct GPU is being utilized by the driver. An application running on a PX configured system may show the IGPU as the rendering graphics device on its information page but it is actually the DGPU that is doing the rendering.

  3. Implementation

    The ideal solution would require that all Autodesk applications employ a common, robust method to query the OS for the GPU that is performing the graphics rendering. 

    Until this fix can be applied as a patch to all existing and future Autodesk applications, AMD has a provided a driver workaround in order to handle cases where the incorrect GPU is being reported by the application. 

    This workaround can be downloaded in 14.301 driver provided by HP. Please visit to obtain the driver.