Updating Legacy VBIOS with Hybrid Image

Article Number: GPU-700


Microsoft® Windows 8 requires Graphics Output Protocol (GOP) driver which replaces our legacy VBIOS. If Microsoft® Windows 8 certification is required, then a signed GOP driver must be used. A Hybrid image is a combination of the GOP driver and AMD's legacy VBIOS, which is designed to support legacy platforms and Microsoft® Windows 8 platforms.

AMD FirePro™ V3900 has two variants of boards, one of which  does not support Hybrid image. The AMD FirePro™ V3900 with the Product Part Number 102-C33108-10 is designed to support Hybrid image and Product Part Number 102-C33108-00 is not. When updating/flashing the legacy VBIOS with the Hybrid image, be sure you have the correct variant of AMD FirePro™ V3900 board.

The Hybrid Image can be obtained directly through our AMD FirePro™ distributor Sapphire. Please contact Sapphire for more information.

Affected Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 8, Microsoft® Windows 8.1
Affected Product: AMD FirePro™ V3900