AMD Eyefinity Technology Display Configurations

Article Number: GPU-50a

​AMD Eyefinity Technology is defined as two or more display outputs operating simultaneously and cooperatively with each other.  Support is available for Duplicated (Clone) and Extended multiple monitor modes, with new support for the capability to group displays into a massive single large surface spanning across multiple displays for use with your desktop workspace, video playback, with support for both windowed and full screen 3D applications.

Below is a list of available ‘Eyefinity Display Group’ configurations:

2 Monitors


2x1 Landscape Display Group


2x1 Portrait Display Group


1x2 Landscape Display Group


3 Monitors



3x1 Landscape Display Group


3x1 Portrait Display Group


1x3 Landscape Display Group


4 Monitors



 4x1 Landscape Display Group


 2x2 Landscape Display Group


5 Monitors
urrently Not Supported*

6 Monitors


3x2 Landscape Display Group

Example Mixed Mode Configurations

Extended and Duplicate monitors can operate alongside Eyefinity Display groups.



3x1 Display Group Plus 1 Extended


3x1 Display Group Plus 3 Extended


2x2 Display Group Plus 2 Extended



Number of Monitors: 
• Up to six dependent on graphics card configuration
Aggregate Screen Resolution: 
• The aggregrate of screen resolution will vary based on the number of panels and individual screen resolutions.  The theoretical maximum: 8192 x 8192 (67.1 megapixel resolution) consisting of 6 panels of 2560 x 1600
• AMD recommends DisplayPort Display monitors, as they offer optimal flexibility with the highest number of display outputs
• Depending on the specific graphic card and operating system, ATI Eyefinity technology can support up to six displays.  For configurations using more than two displays, additional displays must have DisplayPort connectors.
Supported Operating Systems:
• Microsoft Windows 7
• Microsoft Windows Vista
• Linux
• ATI Radeon™ GPU with support for DirectX® 11, with appropriate display outputs
ATI CrossFireX™ Technology:
• Eyefiniy is supported on systems with more than one graphics card. However, each display group must reside on its own video card. For example, a display cannot span across multiple graphics cards.
Bandwidth Requirements:
• Conditional on monitor resolution.  Increased resolution requires a higher performance GPU.