AMD Processor Power Supply Guidelines

​Depending on a motherboard vendor‘s design requirements, the servers and workstations built using AMD processors are designed to leverage industry standard power supplies. The selection of the proper system power supply is a critical element to the success of the finished system. For best results, a system builder should always contact the motherboard, power supply and chassis suppliers or vendors to verify that each of the chosen components supports the desired system configuration, and a system builder should verify that support through internal testing and validation.

Please reference your selected motherboard form factor to ensure power supply compatibility. The system builder must ensure that the total combined wattage for the system configuration must be less than the output of the power supply used. Overall current usage limitation on the power supply should not exceed a combined system power output for the +5V and +3.3V outputs.

Note: It is imperative that system builders ensure that the power supply of choice, motherboard and the selected chassis are mechanically compatible.