Warranty Service: Retail CPUs Purchased New in Box

​Step 2 – Determine What is Not Covered by Warranty

  1. Try to determine if your processor defect is covered by warranty (see examples below). AMD is not liable under warranty if, through testing and examination, it is AMD’s reasonable opinion that the alleged defect or malfunction of the CPU has been caused by misuse, neglect, improper installation or testing.
  2. Remove the processor from the other components before you return it. Warranty service requires that only the processor be returned. Do not return the heat-sink and fan that was packaged with your processor. Upon receipt of the processor, AMD will inspect for mechanical damage and test it.

    Check AMD Processor and heat sink uninstall instructions

    Common examples not covered by warranty:

    ​Chips and Cracks


    ​Bent and/or Damaged Pins


    ​Burnt and/or Heated Damaged Processors