Warranty Service: AMD Radeon™ Graphics and ATI Wonder Products

​​Step 2 – Determine the Partner Manufacturer

Most current AMD Radeon graphics cards and ATI Wonder products are manufactured by our partners. These products are developed using AMD technology and will often clearly be marked with our partner’s name and logos. Warranty for these products is provided by the partner manufacturer.

 Ways to determine the partner manufacturer:

  • Inspect the box for the company name
  • Check manuals and install discs for the company name
  • Check the receipt for the company name
  • Inspect the product for the company name
  • Use an Internet search engine for the part number or serial number
  • Contact the point of purchase to determine what partner produced the product that was sold

 To request warranty information, please contact your partner manufacturer.

Warranty on Products Manufactured by AMD

AMD offers warranty service on select products purchased as sealed, retail-packaged items.

Board part and serial numbers are typically found on white or green stickers. They will not be imprinted on the board itself.

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