28948 Radeon™ HD2xxx series - LPCM 5.1 modulated audio signal NOT supported on Integrated HD Audio Codec

Article Number: 28948

This article lists the supported and non-supported Multi-Channel AC3 5.1 Audio Format for the Radeon™ HD2xxx series.


Linear PCM 5.1 Audio is not available when playing HD DVD and Blu-Ray content.


The integrated HD Audio codec of Radeon™ HD2xxx series does NOT support Multi-Channel Linear PCM (5.1). It supports 2-Channel LPCM and Multi-Channel AC3 5.1 Audio formats for HDMI output using DVI-HDMI adapter.

Applicable Products:

  • Hardware
    o Radeon™ HD2900 series
    o Radeon™ HD2600 series
    o Radeon™ HD2400 series
    o DVI-HDMI Adapter (Part Number: 6141054300G)